Delivery Service
Of course we guarantee you quality and authenticity wood and forging. The development of the wood depends on the maintenance. Some monuments, churches and old buildings keep their original doors. Wood is something alive for a long time. Applicability and capability for sure. Elegance as well. But nothing is imperturbable.
Will I find something cheaper?
It is true. You can buy a cheaper door which is varnish painted but soon it will be decolourise or to get cleave. The repairing is more expansive as a new door. A varnish painted door is presentable around 2 years. The door comes quasi destroyed out of factory. Other doors have stamped nails or black iron mounting. This is not genuine handcraft! Our product is highest quality. Everything is original and authentic. Ask around if you can find another door made of exotic wood and authentic forging. You would not find it. It has no price. Do not compare us.
Weather resistance
Of course our doors are weather resistance for years. Certainly you have seen doors of old buildings, churches or monuments. Naturally this kind of doors need a type of maintenance. Humble but essential and will be explained on location. In comparison with production with aluminium, galvanised fittings etc., I only can say, somebody who has acknowledgement about wood, feels immediately if it is a cheap wood or authentic exotic wood. Anybody who has no sense for these things should go and buy a cheaper door. The cheapest one he could find. The advantage is the price, but the disadvantage for example is that you cannot repair it and when the door is getting older it will be unusable.
May I order a modification?
The easiest way is to buy the door like it is. Inherently it is unique. However you can apply modification. The modification delays the consignment about 2 month. It is easier to adapt you at the given dimensions and consult which details could be changed. If this is possible, we will realize it willingly.
Terms of payment
For the ordering we require a advance payment of 30% from the total price. The outstanding payment will be effected by pickup. Needless to say that you can visit our exposition with products before and whenever you want. We are always looking forward to welcome our customers. Our products are not perfect because they are handmade. Each detail is unique. That gives your door the personal touch. This is PORTON CLASICO’s philosophy.